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index Belgium general information
All about Belgium history, people, arts, science, education, sports, tourism, economy,...
appreciation of foreigners
Belgian Corporate information companies, law, stock exchange...
Belgian Embassy in the US on Belgian culture, statistics, political system, studies, travel...
Belgian Federal Government OnLine
Belgium as a trading partner lots of info on economy, markets, products...

Belgium at a Glance statistics from the World Bank (PDF file)
Belgium in Leisure Planet history, culture, practical info, slide show, ...
Belgium in the CIA World Fact Book geography, economy, politics, statistics...
Belgium in the Encyclopedia Britannica
Brussels bilingual
Commission of the European Union
Country Commercial Guide: Belgium, by the U.S. Embassy Brussels: very detailed information about business, economy, laws, attitudes...
detailed map with highways and railways (276 K)
Essay on Belgian Culture
Europe Information Market (networking in the European Union)
Europe Online the European Internet gateway
European Union Basics official information service about Europe
federal state Belgium info: about the state
Books about BelgiumBooks about Belgium in the Amazon web bookshop
Flanders where the language is Dutch ("Flemish")
Everybody Eats Well in Belgium Cookbook Book at Amazon
Invest in Belgium advantages, formalities, useful addresses...
Languages in Belgium (from the ethnologue database)
Map of Belgium and neighbouring countries
Map of Europe with Country Information and WWW-resources
Wallonia where the language is French
naar pagina-top Belgium art
Belgian comic strips
Belgian writers
Bruegel old Flemish Master
Eddy Merckx the best cyclist, and according to some, best sportman, ever
gallery of Magritte's works
Georges Simenon the world's best-selling Belgian author, creator of Inspector Maigret
Jacques Brel chosen by the French public as best singer-songwriter of the 20th century
René Magritte
Rubens old Flemish Master
the Smurfs
Van Dyck old Flemish Master
Van Eyck old Flemish Master
Victor Horta the "Art Nouveau" architect
naar pagina-top  Belgian roots
BABEL Belgians Abroad Electronic Link
Belgian immigrants to America
Belgians Abroad Home pages
find your roots in Belgium for Belgian immigrants in America
Genealogy tracing family trees in Belgium
Geonome generates a map of the geographical distribution of family names in Belgium

one more Belgians Abroad page
naar pagina-top Belgium cities and regions
Belgian cities and regions
Belgian Regional Information
Brussels in MS Expedia with map
Brussels Tourist Information lists of addresses and phone numbers
Brussels: the Rough Guide
Digital Metropolis Antwerp


Ostbelgien the small German-speaking part in the East of Belgium
Region of Brussels-Capital
Things to see in Brussels
Welcome to Brussels
naar pagina-top  coming to live in Belgium
Ackroyd publications magazines and guides on living in Belgium
Belgian-American Educational Foundation for US citizens wishing to study in Belgium
Expatriates in Belgium
Expatriates Online lots of background information on Belgium for expatriates, events and local communities info
Living in Belgium practical info on moving to Belgium
Net Expat information service for expatriates in Belgium
Newcomer living in Belgium for English-speaking expatriates
naar pagina-top  Belgium network services
all Belgian Web documents with title search
BELNET Belgian National Research Network
Map of WWW/gopher servers in Belgium
Phonebooks at Belgian institutions

registered Belgian WWW servers
naar pagina-top  Belgium news and information services
Belgian Newspapers on the web
charter post here specific questions, or have discussions on all Belgian matters ...
Golden Pages find all businesses, shops, restaurants, liberal professions, multinationals... for a particular product or service
Infobel find anyone anywhere in Belgium with name, address and phone number
MSR news summaries of news from Belgium, in Dutch
Radio Belge service for Belgian news summaries, in French
naar pagina-top  Belgium overview pages
A-Z searchable lists of Belgian sites
Belgian Yellow Pages index of all Belgian and Belgium related material on the Web
Belgium ad valvas

Belgium in the Mother-of-all-BBS
Belgium in the Yahoo subject guide with many subcategories
Belgium Online info about companies, media, universities, tourism...
Belgium page with many links on Belgian beers
Belgium Plug-in contact magazine for expatriates in Belgium with info about museums, tips on laws, calendar of events...
Europe Online's gateway to Belgium with a country description
Studyweb on Belgium selected material for study
Webbel searchable lists of Belgian sites
Webrider searchable lists of Belgian sites
Webwatch searchable lists of Belgian sites
Welcome to Belgium searchable lists of Belgian sites
naar pagina-top   typically Belgian things
an A to Z view of Belgium a foreigner's irreverent, humorous impressions of some typically Belgian things
Belgian Endives "witloof" or "chicory"
Belgian Fries and how to make them
Belgian Lace
Belgian recipes and food
Belgium: Beer paradise
Belgium: Ethnic Cuisine an introduction and some recipes
Benelux Beer Guide extensive lists of all beers and breweries in Belgium, Netherlands and Luxemburg
Brussels Sprouts
Diana's links to Belgian recipes many of the most common European vegetables, such as peas, potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower... were developed or first cultivated in Belgium
Did you know that all these things are Belgian?
Famous Belgians
WEBORGERS Belgian culture... from Art to Pop and from Magritte to the Smurfs
naar pagina-top   visiting Belgium
Belgian Franc latest exchange rates
Belgian Railways
Belgium in Wikipedia history, geography, economy, demographics, culture...
Belgium Travel Network transport, tourism, hotels, cities...
Brussels Airlines flights to and from Belgium
Destination Belgium tourist information in a nutshell
Going to Belgium (from the Belgian Embassy in the USA)
Introduction to Belgium
MyTravelGuide.com on Belgium practical and background info for tourists
Official Travel Guide (from the Belgian Tourist offices in the Americas)
Travel information for Belgium connections, tourist agencies, hotels, money...
Weather Forecast for Brussels, from Intellicast

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